Monday, April 23, 2012

Stranger Danger

While I'm late with a birth story and one month post for Little Brother, I wanted to get this out while it's still fresh in my mind. 

Yesterday, we attended the birthday party of my best friend's children at a local park. The party festivities took place in the pavilion, adjacent to the playground. When the party wrapped up and all the other guests had left, I asked DH to move the car closer since it had started sprinkling. While I was getting Little Brother situated in his carseat, I was also keeping an eye on Mungee. She was by the swings where a family had just started to play. The next thing I saw was a man lifting Mungee into one of the swings. I walked over and he said to me "She wanted help getting in the swing". I know his intentions were innocent, though I typically think it's inappropriate to make that kind of contact with another person's child without permission. My bigger concern at this point is the fact that Mungee had absolutely zero fear, reservation or apprehension about this complete stranger. 

Mungee and I have discussed strangers, mainly when she sees people walking or riding their bike outside while we're driving somewhere and says "Can I hug them?"  This prompted me to begin to explain the concept of strangers.  To her, a stranger is "a person we don't know", but she doesn't get the deeper meaning.  She's approaching three years old.

At what age did you begin to talk about stranger danger?  When did it sink in, when did your child(ren) get it?  What did you find to be the best resources to facilitate the discussion?

I appreciate your input!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

9 days to go ...

I am absolutely miserable.  I thought I would have this baby early, but I am afraid I'm going to be eating my words.  I've had a terrible hacking cough for a week now and I'm convinced that I've cracked a rib on my right side.  I can't sleep - everything feels smushed when I lay on either side and sleeping on the back is definitely impossible.  The other night I tried to sleep upright in our chair in the den and that didn't even work out.  I've been up the last two nights for hours, just watching tv in the den while Mungee and DH sleep peacefully.  I know I shouldn't complain, but it's hard not to when I'm feeling this bad.

Here are some cute pictures to compensate for my misery.

At the zoo

New Year's Eve


 35 Week Belly

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Friday, January 13, 2012

29-30 Week Update

How far along: 29 weeks, 6 days

Total weight gain: 22.9 pounds.  I weigh more numerically than I did at this point with Mungee, but I started this pregnancy about 15 pounds heavier than I was when I got pregnant the first time.  By this time in my pregnancy with Mungee, I had gained 30 pounds.  I gained 45+ with her.  I hope to stay below a 35 pound gain with this one ... 10 more weeks to go, gaining an "average" of a pound a week would keep me on track.  (But who am I kidding, I gained 5 pounds in two weeks as of my appointment yesterday!)

Sleep habits: I don't feel like I'm getting restful sleep at all.  I can't lay on my back and I'm not that comfortable on either side.  I have a maternity pillow, but it's all smushed and usually falls off the bed in the middle of the night.

Maternity clothes: I have plenty of cute tops, but I'm limited with the pants right now.  This past Monday, I was positively uncomfortable at work in the pants I was wearing.  So much to the point that I was getting hot flashes and couldn't concentrate.  When I did laundry yesterday I realized why they were so uncomfortable - they're a size small ...

Best moment of the week: Yesterday I found out that I passed the three hour glucose tolerance test.  Now I don't have to overload on carbohydrates since I won't be restricted in eating them.  I blame my 5 pound weight gain on anticipatory carbohydrate overcompensation.

Food cravings: KitKats.  I bought one at work on Monday and Wednesday.  Today I took one from my dad's sandwich shop. 

Symptoms: I've had Braxton Hicks contractions for weeks.  They usually occur after I do something strenuous, like laundry or any chores or picking up Mungee, which she insists I still do despite the large round globe on the front of my body.

Movement: Constant.  I can feel elbows and knees and shoulders rolling around.  The OB felt for baby's position yesterday and said she thinks it is head down.  Sometimes I feel like it's sideways based on the painful rib expansion.

The Nursery: We moved the crib into the nursery when Mungee switched to her toddler bed.  Right now the crib is a catchall for the Boppy pillows, swaddles, extra blankets, as well as some totally non-baby related stuff.  I've got big plans to add a larger closet to the room.  We also need to get rid of a desk, miscellaneous junk, paint, decorate, pretty much everything to make the room look like it will house a baby and not a rummage sale.

Still to do: See above

What I'm looking forward to: Attempting to have a natural birth.  I tried and was unsuccessful with Mungee, but we are taking childbirth classes this time around so I *think* I'll be more prepared.

What I miss: Sleeping on my back, physical capability to do things without getting winded.

Next appointment: 31 weeks, 5 days.
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