Mungee, Mungee's Pa and I would be thrilled to review your family-friendly/baby-friendly product/service.

In order for us to review your wares, you should be willing to send one fully functional, full-size,  production quality sample so that I/we may develop an informed opinion. Please also consider making a second sample available that you are willing to ship to a winner in the event that a giveaway is offered as part of the review post. Giveaways attract attention to and excitement for your products.

I will do my best to post a complete review within one month of the receipt of your product, with the exception of seasonal items, which would be reviewed at their optimal usage time. (For example, we would be unable to review car seat bunting in July here in Florida).  Please note however, that my child doesn't nap for long periods of time which means I probably won't be able to review your product or write up my opinions in one fell swoop.  I do work well(ish) under pressure and deadlines light a fire under me, so if you would like me to review a product or service that is time sensitive, I am sure we can work out something.

Reviews will include my/our positive and negative opinions about the product/service.  Reviews will not include pre-worded text/information from the PR Representative or Company providing the product/service.

Reviewed products will not be returned.

Please email me at Mungee and Me if you would like us to share our timely(ish) and honest opinions about your product with our readers.

This policy, created on 5-21-10, may change at any time without notice.

Past reviews:

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