Monday, October 19, 2009

2 Months Old!

Dear Mungee,

You turned two months old on Saturday, October 17, 2009. We marked your birthday with a visit to the pumpkin patch with your friends H and J and their mommy M. Daddy went to the Gator football game with the boys' daddy, B.

Hmm, I'm not so sure about these pumpkin things ...
but my fingers are DELICIOUS!

Rawwrrr, I'm a pumpkin!

Mommy and Daddy cannot believe that you are already two months old! It seems like just yesterday that you were born. You are growing and changing every day. Your hair is getting longer and you've definitely outgrown all your newborn clothes. I just washed your three month sized outfits the other day. We think you are about to outgrow your size one diapers.

You smile all the time (as long as you are happy) and also when you have gas. You are cooing quite a lot. We love to repeat your coos back to you as you make them. You make a lot of funny noises. Our favorites are "Khaaa" and the "air lock".

We have lots of nicknames for you:
Mungelica Houston
Baby Monkey
Monkey Baby
Chonkers Baby
Teradactyl - because of your squawking noises

Whenever you poo, we don't change your diaper immediately. This is because you hoard your poo and we know there will be more to follow. I usually take you to the changing table and remove your clothes (because your diapers tend to leak) and we make faces at each other until I am pretty sure you are done and then I change you.

We love to make faces at each other. I am trying to teach you how to flare your nostrils and Daddy is trying to teach you how to touch your nose with your tongue. Sometimes you look at us with a raised eyebrow or two like "How do you expect me to do THOSE tricks?"

Your latest look is to stick out your bottom lip and pout. It is the most adorable thing ever. I cannot wait to capture this look on film. You've also developed a new cry recently ... it is sort of a whimper. You sound so sad when you cry like that.

You have recently discovered how to bring your hand to your mouth to suck on it. You tend to do this most with your left hand but you will settle for your right if it's closer.

I try to do a few sessions of tummy time with you every day. We only do a few minutes at a time because you get frustrated. You are going to do a push up soon, I just know it! I try to get a video of you during almost every tummy time session in hopes that I will capture your first real push up.

I am sill nursing and you also get bottles of pumped milk when we are out and about or when Mommy is too tired to nurse or needs to leave the house for a bit. You eat and nap on your own schedule, but we are trying to be consistent with your bedtime. You go to sleep between 10:30 and 12 and have been sleeping for about 7 to 7.5 hours. PLEASE continue this trend! We had to stop swaddling you because you would wriggle around in your crib like an inchworm. We put you down horizontally and in the morning we would go to get you and you would be vertical. After the third morning in a row of finding you like that, we decided you would sleep in your sleepsack from now on.

We are certainly looking forward to all the milestones you're sure to accomplish in your third month! Try not to grow up too fast!

Love, Mommy and Daddy


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