Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Video: Walking, a.k.a. Wobbling a.k.a. Getting video of this without someone getting hurt might be a three-person job

Mungee officially took her first steps on November 15, just two days shy of her 15 month birthday.  She practiced for a few days, then decided that walking was overrated.  She finally decided to give in and grace us with her new found talent again recently.

Getting video of Mungee walking has proved quite challenging.  It's next to impossible if I'm trying it on my own. It's slightly possible with two people, as evidenced by this crappy high quality video I present to you below.  It was taken earlier this month (I don't know the exact date because my computer is lying to me about it).

Please excuse Mungee's soggy saggy diaper and nakey-ness.  Be sure to watch to the end, that's pretty much the best part.

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