Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Slacker Mom

Things around the Mungee household have been pretty busy and I've severely neglected this blog.  Mungee is quite an active baby toddler, and she's hard to keep up with! She speaks in full (2-3 word) sentences, like "Hold it, water!" Or "Milk, kay?" Or, "Like that cookie!" Or "Lick the door .... that's silly!"

Being coy

We're still going to MyGym, we attend Shalom Baby and we joined a playgroup.  The most drastic change that will be here before we know it is that we enrolled Mungee in preschool.  Right now, we have her signed up for 3 days a week from 8:30 am - 12 pm, but that may change if I go back to work.  I'm currently working on changing her nap schedule to one early afternoon nap, since a requirement for preschool is that she can stay awake until noon.

On a sad note, we recently experienced a heartbreaking loss. I found out I was pregnant on February 25, one day after my period was late (I'm very regular like that).  From the time I found out, I almost immediately felt a sense of dread that something was not right.  We did not plan this pregnancy.  We were not actively trying, but not doing anything to prevent either.  Despite the sense of uneasiness, I still told my entire family and many close friends that Mungee was going to be a big sister.  

On Friday, March 25, I went in for a sonogram when I was supposed to be 8 weeks pregnant.  Looking at the screen, I didn't see anything flickering.  I thought maybe the technician just hadn't gotten to where the heartbeat should be showing.  She asked me if I was sure of the date of my last period - that's when I really knew.  She took a measurement that showed the baby had only developed to 6.5 weeks.  There was no heartbeat.  My midwife recommended a D&C for that day because she didn't want me to end up in the ER over the weekend.  The OB who would perform the surgery was not in, so we were asked to wait in his office.  It seems like we waited an eternity, only to be told to go home and come back later that afternoon.  During this time, I asked DH to change Mungee's shirt since she was wearing her "Big Sister" shirt, it hurt too much to look at it.

DH's dad came over to babysit Mungee and DH took me back to the OB's office.  Where the first thing the receptionist said to us was "It's going to be $400".  Thank you for your compassion!  I was taken back to a room (without DH) and I waited and waited and waited, and eventually I was told that the OB still wasn't in.  Once he finally arrived, we exchanged pleasantries.  By that I mean he casually said "Oh, uh, sorry about what you're going through".  Then he decided that since I am still nursing he did not want to put me into a twilight state, so he performed the procedure while I was completely awake, only numbing me with a local that I am quite convinced Did.Not.Work.  I felt everything.  G-d forbid I ever go through this again, I am going to the hospital and they are going to knock me out.

I never had any physical pain after the procedure, which was surprising.  I did break out in hives about 3 days afterward, and I thought it might be because of the antibiotic I was taking, but the OB said, at my followup appointment, that if the antibiotics caused the hives, then while I was still taking them, they would not have gone away, which they did.  He told me that there was no medical reason to wait to try and get pregnant again, which gave me a lot of hope.  That hope had been carrying me through the time in between the D&C and the followup appointment.  However, I've now come to find out that the health insurance company we've applied with has a waiting period to get pregnant.  This is what DH tells me anyway.  It makes me totally *fist shaking*ANGRY!  And I think it's from the date the policy becomes effective, not from the date we applied.  Which means I cannot try to get pregnant until July and of course there is no guarantee that I will get pregnant on the first try.

So that's what has been going on around here.  

Did you miss us?

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