Wednesday, February 18, 2009

15 Week Stats

I had my 15 week checkup today. I got paperwork to take to Quest Diagnostics next week for the 16 week blood work. The BIG ULTRASOUND is scheduled for 3 weeks from today! We even get to bring a DVD so we can record it!

Mungee's heartbeat was between 145-155. The midwife said it was good that the heartbeat skips around because it means the placenta is doing its job. She said I have been getting headaches because my blood vessels dilate in response to all the pregnancy hormones, but I don't have enough blood volume yet to fill them and most of the blood tends to pool in the lower extremities. Once my blood volume increases, the headaches should cease.

I am up 2 pounds from the last appointment. I think I've gained 7 pounds total so far, though I am not exactly sure what my starting weight was. I asked if I was on track and the midwife said my weight and blood pressure are great.
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