Friday, February 26, 2010

Good Housekeeping

I need someone to clean my house.  Dust bunnies hop past me on a regular basis.  I'm not sure what color the grout in the tile floor really is in my bathroom.  I wouldn't say that we live in filth, but I wouldn't spread out a blanket on my kitchen floor and have a picnic either.

If you have hired, or would consider hiring someone to clean your home, would you go with an established company or an individual and why?  Mungee is going to be on the move sooner than later and while rabbit is a delicacy in many places, I don't think dust bunnies are too palatable.


CaneWife said...

Love the new blog!

Couture Wedding said...

I would probably go with an individual for multiple reasons. Companies will have to include a lot of overhead in their pricing, so it will most likely be more. And there is never a guarantee that who they hire will be more or less responsible than who you hire. Also, often times they will give you a flat rate and if you add a couple little things here and there, they wont change the pricing on you, but a company would have no choice. If you are going to be home around the time they're there, then there shoulnt be a problem. If you're planning on leaving someone regularly unattended, then I would ask them nicely if you can run a background check on them just to make sure everything is kosher.

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