Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Poor Mungee

Mungee has her first nasty cold and a double ear infection :(  She started taking Amoxicillin 5 days ago and her eczema flared up so bad that it spread across her cheeks, ears and even her eyelids.  She was also very swollen underneath her eyes.  I called the doctor's office today in hopes that they could see her and determine if she was having an allergic reaction.  They were able to see her this afternoon and they could not be sure that she was having a reaction but they decided to switch her to a new antibiotic to be on the safe side (they thought maybe the rash was due to her nose running and then her burying her face on me while rubbing the snot around - nice, right?)

She is generally miserable at this point.  She's overtired but won't nap - another possible culprit for her eyes being swollen.  

Today was a rough day.


Mrs. Keck said...

oh hun! im so sorry! That sounds awful and i hope she feels better soon!

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