Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mungee's First Days - Part 1

Have I told you about that time I gave birth?

The first days and weeks after Mungee was born were such a blur.  I kept a journal to keep track of the early days, our visitors and my thoughts and feelings in general.  I'm glad I have that journal, as piecemeal as it may be, to remind me of what things were like "back then".

I'll be revisiting the journal soon, as Mungee's first birthday approaches.  I'm sure I'll relive the moments like they were yesterday, even though it's been almost 10 months since Mungee came into this world.  Will I even recognize myself in what I read?  I've come across old emails I sent around the time Mungee was born and they don't even seem like things I would write.

What reminds you of the early days?  Is there a scent or a song that takes you back to a moment you never thought you'd experience again?
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