Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mungee's First Days - Part 2

I apparently have recaps elsewhere aside from the journal I kept for the first week or so after Mungee was born.  I found this saved on my computer:

Going to NICU:

Mungee wasn't very responsive after being born and had some fluid in her lungs.  They took her to observe, then brought her back to me later that night to nurse, then took her back to the nursery where she had some blue spells and her oxygen stats were dropping so at that point she went back to the NICU for the rest of our stay.  Her white blood cell count was high, so they did preventative antibiotics.  Luckily her blood cultures came back negative for infections.  It was all such a blur those first few days, I honestly am not sure I have all the details correct. 

August 18, 2009 – Day 2

Mungee is a beautiful little thing.  She got a bit stressed by the birth experience so she is currently in the NICU (2nd time).  She has respiratory distress (fluid in the lungs and a partially collapsed lung on the right side).  She was able to feed for a bit last night, but later they took her back to the nursery and her oxygen stats went down and she had some blue spells so she went back to NICU :(  Her white blood cell count is elevated so they are waiting on the rest of her labs to come back to find out if she has a  blood infection.  To be on the safe side, I think they have her on antibiotics.  They are also giving her sugar water to make sure her blood sugar stays at the right level.  She will probably have to stay in the NICU after I am discharged so we may not get to take her home with us :(  My white blood cell count also came back elevated so they had to take more blood from me, though I have not heard the results.

DH visited Mungee not too long ago and they told him I could go in soon to try and feed her.  I can't really walk around by myself right now though so I need to wait for my nurse to take me.  

The lactation consultant thinks it would be best for me to start pumping to get my milk supply going since I'm not getting regular feedings with Mungee.

I would like to be taking some more pain meds soon.  Not sure when I am due for another round.  I am not convinced the first round of meds took, though I do feel a bit loopy ... probably from lack of sleep.

I seem to have hives too.

This is from the journal:

I didn't really get out of bed too much today.  The hospital provided breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I pretty much ate everything (except the sausage at breakfast).  I was required to pee twice before I was allowed to get my IV out of my hand.  My back ached from the epidural numbing shots and catheter spot.  I developed a hive-like rash in places that had come into contact with plastics (band-aid spots, blood pressure cuffs, ID bracelets, contraction & heartrate monitor and epidural tape).

These are my current thoughts:

What makes me really sad about reading the above recaps is that I realize that I barely got to see my child on her second day of life.  I vaguely recall spending the entire day in bed after she was delivered, looped up on pain medicine.  I remember DH brought me the camera to show videos that he took of her in the NICU.  There's no way for me to turn back the clock and do it again any differently, however, so I can't dwell on it with regret.

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