Monday, October 4, 2010

13 Month Letter

So this is way slightly late ... I blame my always-on-the-move baby for the delay in posting her 13 month letter.

Dear Mungee,

On September 17, 2010, you turned 13 months old.  I feel like I was just telling people you just turned one. 

It's obvious that you're concentrating your efforts on verbal endeavors rather than mobility, as you still refuse to stand without holding onto something or someone.  You have graduated to what we call the "bulldog crawl" however, and are exploring the house without fear.  I've caught you unloading the bookshelves in the office several times, you seem to know whenever the fridge, freezer, or dishwasher are open and the cat seeks higher ground when you head her way with a look of purpose on your face.  (That purpose being yanking her tail).  As much as we try to put the *kibosh* on this, you still pursue her with fervor.

Time to brag on your verbal abilities and smarts ...

You can tell us the sounds of about 8 animals: chicken (bok-bok), dog (woof or oof), horse (nay), cow (moo), duck (cak-cak), sheep (baa), cat (mowww), monkey (eee).

When you see a dog on TV (cartoon, mascot or real) you look at me and say "Woof".  You also do this when you see a dinosaur, koala or the Geico Gecko, but you've got the general idea.

You've started to imitate talking on the phone and brushing/combing your hair.

You drop things and say "Uh oh".  I've tried to explain to you that it's only "uh oh" if it's an accident and not on purpose for your amusement, but you disregard this advice.

You sign "All done" by rubbing your hands together like you're brushing off crumbs, but you'll often keep eating after you sign.  At least you've somewhat got the concept.  You sign "milk" and whenever you want to nurse, you'll approach me with a very serious look on your face, sign "milk" and say "Bih?!"

Yes, you're still nursing because you refuse to drink whole milk.  Grandma Bebe thinks it's because the milk is cold and that I should warm it up for you, but I don't want to get you used to drinking it this way and ONLY want it warm.  A friend recently suggested I should add a dash of chocolate to it and I just might try this (after consulting the doctor, of course).  I'm okay with the fact that you're still nursing, but I think I'll try to have you weaned by 18 months.  We certainly made it well past my goal of 6 months!

Your loves include: pretzel sticks, veggie straws, chicken, bananas, grapes, owls, cats and mama's milk.  You hate: Gerber ravioli, whole milk and sitting in the grass.

Poppy taught you how to raise your arms in the air when we yell "Touchdown!"  Now you'll do it whenever you see football on TV.  I can't wait to take you to your first Jaguars game.  Maybe when the weather cools down a bit more.

You have a pretty extensive vocabulary.  Here's a list of words you say:
-Freckle (cul) and you can identify freckles on people's bodies
-Circle (also cul)
-Hot (and I taught you to blow when we say hot)
-Coffee (sounds like cocky)
-Milk (mih or bih)
-Light (yiiiiigh)
-Uh oh
-Book (booh)
-Banana (nana)
-Baby (baaaay)

You give hugs and kisses on request to people or your toys.  You have kissed the cat by licking her back.  You also licked the bottom of the freezer and Daddy's cold water bottle.  You kiss the "baby in the mirror" with a hearty lick. 

You can identify your head, ear, belly and toes.  You can identify other people's nose, toes, freckles, belly (if it's bare), shoes and buttons.

We're still going to MyGym and you've just moved up to the next age group.  I knew it was definitely time when we went to class and you were months older than the oldest baby there.  The MyGym coaches think that being around walking babies will encourage you to walk.  I am not sure if I am ready for this, though I am excited for the day you take your first steps!

You are such a funny baby and you have Daddy and I laughing every day.  I'm enjoying my time with you so much and I can't believe it's going by so quickly.  Keep smiling precious girl!


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