Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Nursery Inspiration

I gathered up some pictures of some items I've bought for the nursery along with other items I'm thinking about buying and my friend S photoshopped them together into a beautiful nursery inspiration. I bought the bedding (now I'm thinking about the crib itself too, since it's so cute). The bookshelf is from Ikea and once purchased, will need to be picked up since the shipping charges are so high. The chandelier is one choice between two that I purchased. We will decide which one we like better once they arrive. The tree decal is also something I'd like to add to the room. We do want to add a white chair rail and underneath that, do faux wainscoting. Our actual wood floors are a bit more cherry than what appears in the photoshopped picture.


Faux wainscoting example:
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