Monday, March 30, 2009


Well, I certainly feel like I've been a bad mommy. I guess neglecting this blog now is just practice for when Mungee is really here.

I am past the 20 week mark and I am feeling Mungee move every day now. She's most active at night as I am trying to fall asleep and in the morning when I lay quietly after waking up. Within the last week, I have had two people survey my baby bump and tentatively ask, "Are you expecting?" Looks like Mungee has made her presence known!

Today I bought Mungee a couple cute sleep gowns and a jumper. She received a cute outfit from her Great-Grandmother L. Mungee's travel system from my parents, Bebe and Papa J, arrived today. Bebe also purchased a highchair she found through Craigslist, but we won't need to use that for a while.

Tomorrow I will be 21 weeks along. I won't backtrack here on the developmental progress Mungee has already made by growing so big. I will update her 21 week average stats soon.

Daddy and I love Mungee so very much and we cannot wait to meet her!


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