Wednesday, May 13, 2009

One Year Wedding Anniversary

This post is a bit late (our anniversary was March 30), but I wanted to recap our wonderful wedding anniversary weekend. DH surprised me with a trip to Amelia Island and the Ritz-Carlton Hotel! We pulled up into the circular drive and were promptly greeted by the valet parkers and bellhops. We went to check in and were congratulated numerous times by the front desk clerks and were offered champagne. DH drank both and I helped myself to some cucumber water I found in the lobby.

Next we were led to our room and the bellhop tried to make small talk with us. I mentioned that I am expecting and he said I didn't look like it ... but I didn't look fat either. Once we got to our room, he asked if I was planning to breastfeed. I thought that was kind of personal so I said we would do whatever it took to make sure our baby gets the nutrition she needs. It was pretty funny.

Our oceanview room

The view from our room

As we were settling into our room, there was a knock at the door and a book, Salt, was delivered to us. (The 5-star restaurant at the hotel is named Salt, and DH had booked the Salt package).

We decide to hang out by the pool for a while before getting cleaned up and heading to the sports bar, Eight, for some pre-dinner cocktails and water for me, of course. After that, we headed down the hall to Salt for our delicious 3-course dinner! I love fine dining!

Heading to the pool

The Sports Bar, Eight, before dinner

Dinner at Salt

I forgot to take pictures of our appetizers, but I had the Peeky-Toe Crab Cake and DH had Fois Gras, which I had read I should not eat. Throughout the meal, you also have a variety of breads and salts to sample.

For the main course, DH had fish (crusted sea bass, perhaps) and I had Filet Mignon (love it!) I cannot tell what DH's sides were from the picture here, but mine were root vegetables and some sort of asparagus flan.

As a side, we got the Salt Mac 'n Cheese, which is unlike any macaroni we've ever had. It was more like a farfalle type pasta than noodles. It was really good.

Next, we moved on to dessert. We got a warm chocolate melting cake with strawberries/ice cream and some sort of deconstructed key lime "pie". I did not care for the latter of the two.

Dessert was followed by a capuccino and an assortment of candies. How sweet! (No pun intended). We were also given a small box of Hawaiian salts.

After dinner, we went back to Eight so DH could catch some of the March Madness games. We also played a couple games of pool. There was a popcorn machine in the bar and somehow I managed to eat a couple bowls of popcorn after that entire delicious dinner at Salt.

The next day we headed down to the beach but I thought it was a bit too windy and therefore cold and opted to go back to the pool. When we walked over the deck/sand dunes, we saw several turtles soaking up the sun. We spent several hours by the pool and then left the resort and stopped for lunch at Barbara Jean's Seafood before heading home. I love me some pumpkin bread!

It was a wonderful way to spend our first wedding anniversary!


Joann said...

Love the pictures.

Your belly looks adorable. I love the swimsuit attire. Cute.

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