Monday, August 3, 2009

Nursery Pictures

The nursery is as finished as it's going to get before this baby makes her debut. I still need to get curtains (I have now purchased and returned two sets). It took me three tries to find a rug that I'm happy with. I also have some artwork and a decal to put on the walls.

This is the chiffarobe that my mom refinished. It was hers when she was a child, then it was mine. It was dark brown. I asked her to paint it with the colors we used on the walls - first pink, then cream over it and distress it with sandpaper. It turned out great!

Would you believe that the changing table and crib are not even from the same brand? I think I really lucked out to find one that matches the crib so well!

This is Domo. Don't let his looks fool you, he's very sweet!

And here's a reminder of what the room used to look like ...

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