Wednesday, August 18, 2010

1st Birthday Party - Nitty Gritty Details

View into dining room
Dining room
Paper plates and napkins from Party City, reusable plastic cups, bowl and large tubs from Publix, small tub & owl buckets from Target $ Spot

Owl buckets from Target $ Spot
Handmade Pom Pom
The Owl Wall (owl images found through Google image search; Polka dots are removable stickers from the Dollar Tree)
I made this for the bathroom door, so no one would walk into my messy office by mistake. (Owl image found through Google image search; sadly I don't do graphic design).

Party Favors which unfortunately I forgot to give to several of the first guests to leave.  (Pencil cases from Target, filled with party dough, sunglasses, bubbles and stickers).  Favor tags by Dennette's Designs
Cake baked and decorated by my best friend (Mungee's name is blurred out; no polka dots were harmed in the editing of this photo)
Thank you notes from Target $ Spot
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