Sunday, August 8, 2010

Cancer Sucks

Cancer Sucks Blog Hop

Cancer sucks.

Cancer robbed DH of his mother ... my Mother-in-law ... Mungee's grandmother.

I wish I was able to know her before the ravages of breast and brain cancer took away her ability to speak.
Sometimes I think she recognized us.  She did smile.

I wonder if we would have gone shopping together.
Gotten pedicures.

I wonder what Mungee would have called her.

People always say DH looks just like his dad.
They call him "Little Buzzy".
It's only because they don't see his mom.
I think he looks just like her.

She had such passion for life.
She was a model.  An actress.  A teacher.
A friend.  A sister.  An aunt.
A wife.
A mother.
She was effervescent.

Cancer sucks.

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