Friday, April 23, 2010

All Backed Up

Poor Mungee has another ear infection - in only one ear this time, thank goodness.  She was exhibiting all the same behaviors as the last time she was sick - sneezing, runny nose, coughing, protruding tongue, irritability and pulling on her ears.  She's also teething, so I could attribute the symptoms to that, but I wanted to play it safe.  The doctor said it's a good thing that I brought her in since her left ear was pretty bad.  I hope Mungee wasn't suffering with it for too long before we caught it.

In addition to that, she's also, shall we say, all backed up.  Her little belly is not so little, it looks like she swallowed a fully inflated balloon.  The doctor said I should only give her cereal once a day and I said I do in the morning and I mix it with bananas.  She looked at me and said "Well there's the problem.  Banana is a constipating food".  *Smacks self on the forehead*  The doctor suggested prunes or peaches as an alternative to the bananas.  We got the go-ahead to mix the cereal with diluted juice instead of water.  Mungee can also have some diluted juice during the day.  I'm sure she'll enjoy the new taste - I got white grape juice and pear.  I would try it with the sippy cup, but she thinks that is a chew toy, so I'll probably introduce it with a bottle. 

Mungee weighed 19 lb, 1 oz.  That's up practically two pounds in a month.  Being that she is constipated and had her clothes on, I am not convinced the measurement was accurate, but my aching back thinks otherwise.
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