Monday, April 26, 2010

Right Place at the Right Time

Do you ever think G-d leads you to a certain place at a certain time under specific circumstances for a reason?  

-Mungee being sick led me to the doctor, who informed me that Mungee has an ear infection and that bananas were making her constipated.

-Which led me to the grocery store to fill her prescription and return 5 jars of bananas, but not the location I normally go to (I went to this one to avoid heavy after-work traffic).

-Returning the bananas at the customer service desk led to me being near the coupon kiosk and gravitating toward it because I can't resist a good deal with coupons, even if it's for something I don't ever use or need.

-Perusing the coupons led me to strike up a conversation with someone who was also browsing.  

It turns out that this person is an avid couponer like myself.  Not only that, but she and some friends get together to clip coupons, and have coffee or cocktails (depending on the time of day).  After chatting for a while, we discovered that we live a few blocks away from one another and she has a friend that lives right around the corner from me.  She invited me to join the group sometime.  She has a son who is almost one year old (and another who is 10) and was happy to offer parenting advice, but even more so, support.  Funny the conversations that you can strike up in the most common of places with someone you've never met.

It was really nice to make this connection.  Being at home with Mungee all day, I find that I am sorely lacking in adult interactions the majority of the time.  As I drove home, I thought about all those things that fell into place to put me at the coupon kiosk at the same time as my new acquaintance.  I think G-d wants me to get out more.

Can you think of a time when you realized in hindsight that all the pieces fell into place for something good to happen to you just when you needed it?  I'd love to read about it.
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