Sunday, April 25, 2010

I Have an Olympian

If pooing was (were?) an Olympic sport, Mungee would have won the Gold Medal several times over today.

This afternoon I met up with some girlfriends from my local Nest Board.  It's the second time I've been out socially without Mungee in 8 months (the first time was yesterday).  Mungee's Pa took care of her while I was gone.  I called on my way home and DH said "I was just about to call you.  Our child has made an Olympic sport out of pooing this afternoon".  Now, I must admit, when I heard the first part of that sentence, I thought he was going to say army crawling or some new feat.  I suppose, after being constipated, that pooing as much as she has today is a feat of sorts.  She's taken on two outfits, the Exersaucer and a couple brand new diapers.

The unfortunate side effect of this is that she has a pretty bad diaper rash now.

On another note, I am happy to report that Mungee took a 25 minute nap in her crib this afternoon.  She screamed and cried at first, but I went back in her room and rubbed her back for a few minutes.  She fell asleep for about a minute and then woke back up and screamed and cried again.  I rubbed her back again and she fell asleep!  I know that napping for that short amount of time isn't ideal, but it was in the crib, so I consider it a small victory.  

Maybe one of these days Mungee will be a champion crib nap sleeper.  We already know she's number one in number two.
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