Friday, April 16, 2010

First Trip to the Beach

4.7.10: Mungee took her first trip to the beach

(Notice the fake umbrella?  I can't stand it when random people are in my pictures.  Have I mentioned that I'm quirky?)

Mungee wasn't sure what to think of the beach.  We'll have to try it again when she's not so tired.  After the beach we headed to an Irish Pub.  Mungee was on her way to a full meltdown and we were having a hard time eating our dinner.  Our kind server held her and walked around with her so we could eat.  She really seemed to enjoy it.  Mungee gets jealous when we eat or drink and tries to take our food/beverages off our hands, as you can see here:

Have you been excited about your little one's first of something, only to be disappointed that it didn't go as you envisioned?


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