Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Creating a Bad Example

Yesterday, on the way home from MyGym, I went through the drive-through at Krystal's.  We stayed at the gym a little later than usual and I knew I would have to rush to give Mungee her lunch and attempt to get her down for her nap once we got home.  I was already pretty hungry and I didn't want to wait to eat.  I thought Krystal's would be delicious cheap, fast and convenient.  And it was all those things.  But I realized, as the delicious greasy french fries burned the roof of my mouth when I was inhaling them while driving, that I was setting a terrible example.  I do not want to lay the groundwork for desperate time-saving lazy drive-through runs for myself, or even worse for Mungee when she's old enough to enjoy consume the delicious non-nutritive "meals" they offer.  (Chick-fil-a, you and your seasonal peach milkshake are exempt from this generalization).

When we got home, I threw away the evidence trash in our outdoor trashcan.  Unfortunately, it was really windy and the trashcan got knocked over.  Mungee's Pa saw the debris and we both pretended some random neighbor tossed their trash into our can.  Eventually I admitted it was mine, but he already knew that.  He's done the same thing a time or two.

Have you found healthy alternatives for eating on the run?  What do you do when you're just so hungry that the thought of preparing something yourself makes you retreat into your mind and you wind up curled in the fetal position rocking back and forth in the corner?
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