Friday, May 14, 2010

If it's written down and published, it must be good advice (and Friday Follow!)

I think it's funny that baby books suggest I wait until my child is sleeping to trim her nails so she doesn't wiggle, thereby causing me to nick her and so I don't scare her. First of all, there is no way I'm going to risk waking her up so I can clip the daggers. She's inevitably going to scratch herself, she has, and it will heal.  Second, if I were to follow this advice and she did wake up, I think she'd be pretty scared that I was coming at her with a sharp metal instrument.  Wouldn't you be?

The best clippers I've found were the bonus ones included with bottles of Little Noses Saline Drops.  Why the Little Remedies company makes the connection between liquidizing crusted snot and nail-trimming, I'm not sure.  Oh wait ... babies stick their fingers in their noses ... and a hard booger barrier would be difficult to get through with said finger ... and if the nail on said finger was too long it could scratch the inside of baby's delicate booger-crusted nose ... I am starting to get it.

So what un-advice have you read lately?

Disclosure: Little Remedies has no idea who I am and they didn't prompt me to write this post at all.  But if they find me and want to give me free stuff, that is a-okay.

Once again, lightning fast, the weekend is upon us again and that means it's Friday Follow time.  Head on over to One 2 Try and Midday Escapades to link up.  Happy Following!  And have a great weekend!

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