Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sentimental = Borderline Hoarder?

I know I'm still a few years away from dealing with this problem, but this post on Theta Mom got me thinking about what I'll do with Mungee's masterpieces (ie, handprint Thanksgiving turkeys and macaroni and yarn necklaces) once their volume begins to overtake our 1300-ish square foot home.

Admittedly, I save a lot of ... extraneous memorabilia.  Our fridge is plastered with birth announcements and holiday photo cards, reminders for doctors appointments that have come and gone, a neglected to-do list, etc.  I probably have every card that DH has ever given me.  Heck, I even have cards that I gave him.  I fish them out of the trashcan after he's taken no precautions to disguise the fact that he's thrown them out.  (He should really do that at work, then I'd be none the wiser).  I keep used calendar pages because G-d forbid I forget that I went grocery shopping at Harris Teeter in 2001.

So how do you handle this type of "clutter" in your home?

On an unrelated note, don't forget to stop by Take It From Me for Welcome Wednesday.

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