Wednesday, July 14, 2010

B is for Ball ... and a bunch of other stuff too

I've come to the conclusion that Mungee is going to be talking well before she's walking.  Heck, she can't even get into a sitting position on her own yet, much less crawl like a normal baby.  Since her vocal prowess far outweighs her motor skills, I've taken to verbalizing just about everything we see and do.  And through this I have discovered that there are tons of words that we teach our babies that begin with the letter "B".

- Baby
- Back
- Bagel

- Balloon
- Banana - She yells "Eh nah nah nah". We pretend she's saying banana.
- Bark
- Bathtub

- Beach

- Bear
- Belly
- Bib
- Big

- Bird
- Bite
- Blanket
- Blocks
- Boat
- Book

- Bottle

- Bottom (Hee hee)

- Bounce

- Bowl
- Breakfast
- Broccoli

- Bubbles
- Bug


- Bunny
- Burp - Her first word.  She said "Bup".
- Butterfly
- Button - She loves to point at buttons on our clothes ... and try to rip them off
- Bye bye - I'm pretty sure she actually says this when she wants to!

... and
- Beer ... can't forget that one!

I'm beyond a doubt going to have a beautiful bouncing, babbling, brainiac baby on my hands before I can blink!
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