Thursday, July 8, 2010

Did You Know?

Did you know that you can only eat whatever you want while breastfeeding for so long before you start gaining weight again?  Now I know.

Did you know that the library, bookstores and even Whole Foods have story time, but they all fall during or at the end of your child's naps?  Now I know.

Did you know that a frozen bagel used as a teether won't stay frozen for long before your child, who has 6 teeth, bites off a chunk the size of a large marble and chokes on it?   
Now I know.

Did you know that when you're bathing your child and they kick and splash with excitement, drenching you in the process, that you'd happily splash along with them?   
Now I know.

Did you know that you'd be discussing the color, size, texture, consistency and odor of poo with your husband, parents, friends and complete strangers?  
Now I know.

Did you know the sink would fill with dishes, the laundry would get ignored and toys would get strewn across the floor, but you wouldn't care because your baby is happy and therefore you're happy?
Now I know.

Did you know that months of holding your sleeping child for hours at a time, several times a day, sacrificing your need to go to the bathroom or merely move, were worth it because you have a child that finally takes naps in their crib and sleeps through the night?   
Now I know.

Did you know that when you're walking through the grocery store with your baby, talking and singing and being goofy in order to keep them entertained, you'll be oblivious to what other people think?  Now I know.

Until you've experienced it, there's no way to know what you will come to know, you know?  I can't wait to know more.

*** What do you know? ***
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