Saturday, December 6, 2008

Met with the doctor

Friday, I met with Dr. L at S, R, & B, M.D., P.A. She seems very nice. I think I will stay with this office for the time being, I don't feel the need to go "doctor hopping" at this point. I peed in a cup to confirm the pregnancy, and I guess it came up positive because no one came out and said "You're crazy, you're not pregnant". According to the doctor's calculations, I am due 8/11/09.

I basically chatted with the doctor and asked her a few questions, like "Is it okay to have coffee?" (yes, but limit yourself to one cup a day) and "I read that if you have had cats for a long time, you could be immune to toxoplasmosis?" (It's better that you err on the safe side and don't touch the litter box at all - I'm not going to argue with that!) "When is morning sickness going to start?" (contrary to popular belief, not all women experience morning sickness - SCORE!)

We discussed the fact that DH and I are both Ashkenazi Jewish and Dr. L. ordered the Tay-Sachs test. If I am positive, then DH will have to be tested and if he is also positive, there is a 25% chance our baby could have the disease. If I test negative, apparently there is virtually no chance the baby will have it. I had to have blood drawn at a Quest Diagnostics Center. Luckily there was a center right next door to the doctor's office and I got there with about 10 minutes to spare before they closed. They took two tubes of blood and said it would be about 2-3 days before the results were sent to the doctor's office.

My next appointment, called a "New OB Visit" is scheduled for December 18 with the midwife, E.W., CNM. I tried to schedule the appointment for Dec 19 so I wouldn't have to leave work early, but there were only male doctors working on the 19th. Neither of the female doctors was available on the 18th, so that's why I was scheduled with the midwife. At this appointment, I will have an internal exam and Dr. L. said we may not be able to see the baby, but we should be able to see the yolk sac. I hope everything goes well between now and then and we see our little creation on the 18th!


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