Saturday, December 20, 2008

Telling our families on Christmas Day

We're going to have family over for a casual meal on Christmas Day. I hope I can actually stomach eating, especially since I requested that my mom make stuffed cabbage.

If all goes well, we will make our announcement at 7W2D. I bought a picture frame for DH's dad that says "I Love My Grandpa". I am still on the lookout for a frame for my parents. I will put  Mungee's first picture in the frame and give them to my parents and DH's dad at the same time to open. I hope they don't look at it and say, "What's this?"

I am a little disappointed that all the family won't be present for our announcement. Nanny will still be in rehab for her hip and my bro and his GF will be house-hopping, spending Christmas with her family. DH said there's no way we can get them all together to tell them at once. I hope everyone who does hear our big announcement will be as excited as we are!


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